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Father's Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, New Year's Day, President's Day

There has been much discussion about the 50 Million Round March. and the sending of "mementos" to our elected representatives from the shooting events (target practice). The number of people expressing a concern in this regard, in relation to the number of those who do not, is relatively small. However. the 50 Million Round March respects the views and sentiments of people who have these concerns and has made every effort to address them, without compromising or deflecting the direct message of the event. As a result, this is the "official" position of the 50 Million Round March regarding this issue.

The 50 Million Round March does not advocate making any direct or physical threat to any elected representative or their person. The 50 Million Round March does advocate writing letters to our representatives regarding the seriousness of the 2nd amendment. We do not discourage people including (if they so desire) tasteful and commemorative mementos with those letters. If we cannot write a letter to our elected representatives and say to them,

"we had the entire family at the shooting range on Father's Day (or any of the other holidays when these events will be held). We had a GREAT time and take our 2nd amendment rights seriously. We invite you to attend with us at the next event and enjoy htis tradition with your constituents. In the hopes that you will do that, we have included a memento of the event with this letter."
... without being afraid that such a memento will be viewed as a personal threat, or being cowed by the fear that the adversaries of our 2nd amendment rights will enhance their position, then we are more under the control of those adversaries than we can imagine, and have already lost the fight because our fear has frozen us and compelled us to fight on our adversaries' ground in a manner of their choosing.

The whole point of this event is to ignore those pundits and spin-meisters and RALLY the people who take these rights seriously before we lose them. In order to do this, we must break out of the carefully scripted plot that has been crafted for us by those who would destroy our rights. This effort is about doing that, and revitalizing the process the way it was meant to work ... individuals communicating directly with their elected representatives with no liberal or media spin intervening to try and twist and wrest that message.

The fact is, the 2nd amendment was MEANT to be a latent threat to politicians. That's its purpose ... to keep them in line. The manner proposed of reminding them of that fact is about as benign and congenial as can be imagined, and is decidedly not a "personal" threat to any of them.

Having said this, sending in a memento is not a "fast" requirement for participation in the events. It never has been. Sending of "mementos" is an individual decision. Anyone who is uncomfortable with sending in a memento should not send one in. For those who would like to, we have provided a wonderful target for this purpose, and we do not discourage it. We do tell people not to send in any silhouettes or likenesses of any individual. The main point here is for people to go to the range, shoot responsibly, write their representatives regarding the seriousness with which they view their 2nd amendment rights, and take pictures of their families while doing so.

We will go forward in this manner and invite and encourage everyone who so desires to join with us on Father's Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, New Year's and Presidents' Day each year to keep up the pressure on the politicians and to pass on this rich and critical tradition to the rising generation.


Jeff Head
The 50 Million Round March

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50 Million Round March, 2000