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Thanksgiving - 50 Million Round Shoot in Texas

It was a cold, rainy day and the Dallas Coboys were playing. Nonetheless, as I was visiting my parents for a traditional Texas Thanksgiving feast,myself and my attending nephews ventured out in the rain for our shoot on my father's land, shooting across a creek into the opposite bank in the bottom land there in north central Texas.

After instructing them in the use of the FAL, we loaded up some mags, picked our targets and set about cooking off some rounds.

Arriving in the rig at the appointed place with several nephews.

Myself and my nephew Brian taking our turns.

My nephews Jason and John Adam taking their turns.

Watching the Cowboys get beat and preparing to sit down and eat.

Remember, as our covering fire, send in those letters to your representatives and spread the word!

Jeff Head
Sanger, TEXAS
November 23, 2000

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