The Crisis and Mortal Threat to
American Liberty
Added February 13, 2000

The times that try the souls of American patriots and defenders of true liberty are no stranger to the sovereign union of the united States of America. From its founding, and the battles and campaigns that marked the tremendous struggle against the tyranny of England; through the crisis of the horrific "War between the States"; through the conflagrations which conspiring minds and tyrants drew it into in World Wars I and II; to the increasingly mortal moral, political, and spiritual decline and military squandering of the last 30 years; ... the heart and soul of American patriots and their liberty have continuously been tried in the forges of sacrifice, commitment, duty and honor.

Of all of these, the decline of this Republic and every defining foundational principles upon which it rests over the last decades, are without doubt the most threatening. A free people cannot survive or endure in indolence, apathy, complacency, immorality, amorality, licentiousness and lasciviousness. Every ounce of reason in any virtuous and honorable heart cries out that to enjoy true liberty, a people must be moral and retain their virtue. Else, they will not know from whence their liberties derive. Else they will deny the heritage and birthright of the very derivation of their liberty. Else they will demand for themselves every indulgence, craving, vice and perversion imaginable at whatever cost. Else they will invite tyranny to either maintain a corrupted public order (at the point of the sword), or they will be trodden under by more powerful, more committed peoples who desire the land and its riches for themselves.

Such calamities have befallen this Republic and are its sad state today. Although largely untested as a people over the last fifty years in terms of physical discomfort and immediate threats to material wealth and perceived security, yet it has been threatened, attacked and largely overcome in its soul. What remains, unless somehow restored to the moral and virtuous character which attracted many to its shores for so long, is but an empty husk awaiting the inevitable physical storm which will topple it.

There are enemies who know this and who are basking in the near fulfillment of their plans to take advantage of this condition and benefit from it. Their vision of "World Governance" requires that the foundational principles upon which this nation rests, which are capable of producing and maintaining sovereign individuals, localities and States, bound together in an eternal union, must vanish from the earth. This would allow their socio-fascist "3rd Way" dominion to come about. Sadly, by all accounts, and by the very testimony that ones own eyes and senses impart with each passing day, their efforts have been largely successful.

But the principles upon which liberty is founded are true and eternal. They are endowed by the Creator upon all mankind. That same Creator watches over the affairs of nations. Whether one understands or comprehends this is immaterial to the truth of it. As long as such knowledge is held in the hearts and minds of moral and virtuous, reasoned individuals, restoration and ultimate triumph remain possible.

Let us be direct. The time for choosing a course of vigilance is likely past ... but if it is not, then it must be now. If the people do not pay such a price in generous and copious amounts immediately, urgently ... then soon the ultimate triumph of liberty will come only at the price of the blood of patriots and tyrants. Such conditions, history teaches us, will be couched in the suffering and death of millions.

Let all the complacent and apathetic take warning. Let conspiring and aspiring politicians who have anything other than the preservation of true liberty be forewarned. Let the power mongers hear the resolve of patriots and shake at the sound thereof. Let the decrepit and perverse beware and turn from their ways. Let tyrants fear for their lives. Let those whom would take advantage back away. Let foreign institutions and powers shrink from their wanton designs. As surely as night follows day, unless all such turn from their current path, and unless the hemorrhage of virtue is stemmed ... a reckoning and a conflagration is coming. Its approach is etched on the collective consciousness.

Choose well what side of that conflagration one stands upon, for there is a wind rising, there is an awakening occurring in the hearts of a those who will not allow liberty and the principles upon which it rests, to go away quietly into the night. The collision of the forces of morality, virtue and liberty on the one hand, and indolence, self indulgence, vice and tyranny on the other hand is inevitable. It will be forced on the former by the latter. The only thing which can avoid a fiery collision will be the people as a whole, immediately welcoming and initiating a revival of morality and virtue which forces the tyrant and the decrepit out of the public eye and consideration by their very numbers. Otherwise, a dark storm will break upon this land and engulf it. The rapidity with which it will break, and the severity with which it will strike, will be an amazement and astonishment to all. The consequences which it metes out, and the report thereof, will become a crushing blow to the hearts and minds of those who must suffer through it, or even hear of it, until the contest is decided and liberty is restored to its true foundation.

From the unheard voices of tens of millions whose opportunity for life and liberty are snuffed out before being allowed to take a breath, from the voices of the thousands whose lives are being devastated or taken as a result of ever encroaching tyranny, from the wild hills of northern Idaho, from the fires of Waco, from the ruined skeletal walls in Oklahoma City, as a result of the lies, manipulations and deceptions of tyrants and the decrepit, a veritable chorus calling for a reckoning, calling for a return to the Constitutional intent of our founders is rising in its volume and its urgency. It is a sound that cannot, indeed, it is a sound that WILL NOT, go unheard or unheeded.

It is therefore evident that the full flavor of liberty will only be savored by those willing to undergo the hardship and travail of defending it. No principle or belief system, that was not worthy of sacrificing one's all to maintain, was ever capable of producing the conviction, responsibility and moral virtue required for true liberty. That same Creator who endows upon all their unalienable rights to life, liberty and property, and who is the author of the morality and virtue which define the equitable exercise thereof, has set a high price on liberty which our generation must be prepared to account for. How will that accounting be made? ... It is up to us.

In the words of one of the great founders, which words have sounded in the throats of patriots throughout our history as they faced the times which tried their souls, "Give me Liberty or Give me Death".

A Modern American Declaration of Liberty

In Liberty,

Jeff Head
Emmett, Idaho

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