A Note about the Guest Book

The Winning Iraqi Freedom Site Guest Book is not a forum or debate society. It is part of a site developed to commemorate the victory of Operation Iraqi Freedom. It is also a privately owned site.

If you are not here for the commemoration, you are still welcome, but remember, you are on someone else's property. If you go to the Guest Room and disrupt there, or otherwise attempt to thwart the stated purpose of this site, someone will be along to clean up the mess. Emails and claims that this is somehow anti-free speech are mis-informed and ludicrous. Free speech does not allow the violation of private property. In this house, you are not free to spew whatever you wish. You can do that in public to a great extent, but not here. If you want to establish an opposing view ... develop your own site, that's free speech.

This should be obvious to anyone and represents simple Liberty 101 and Maturity 101. For those wishing to sign the GuestBook after this explanation ... HERE'S THE LINK

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